Saturday, May 17, 2014

General Science MCQ : 17th May 2014

1. As per the report on the Health for the worlds' adolescents which was released on 14th May, 2014 by WHO, what was the top most cause of death among adolescents?
[A]Road traffic injuries
[D]Infectious diseases

2. Researchers in UK have announced to conduct a trial test on patients of artificial blood made from the human stem cells. When would this trial be conducted?

3. Scientist from which country have developed silver nanowires based nanoscale fingerprints which would help protect the credit cards and other gadgets?
[A]South Korea

4. On which date did the scientists create the first realistic virtual universe, using a computer simulation called Illustris?
[A]2nd May, 2014
[B]5th May, 2014
[C]8th May, 2014
[D]9th May,2014

5. Which is the smallest human chromosome?
[A]Chromosome 19
[B]Chromosome 15
[C]Chromosome 21
[D]Chromosome 10

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