Saturday, May 17, 2014

Current Affairs MCQ | 16-17 May 2014

1. Union Government raised the quota of subsidised LPG cylinders to 12 cylinders per household a year on ________________. This hike will be effective from April, 2014.
[Category: IAS Current Affairs]
[A]30th January, 2014
[B]2nd January,2014
[C]28th February, 2014
[D]31st January, 2014

2. _____________________ has been appointed as the special DG, Border Security Force(BSF)on 30th December,2013. At the time of his appointment in BSF, he was serving as the Special DG, Central Reserve Police Force.
[Category: CDS Current Affairs]
[A]Pranay Sahaya
[B]Subhash Joshi
[C]Devendra Kumar Pathak
[D]Ajay Chadha

3. Who composed the song "Alone Yet Not Alone", which has been now withdrawn from the Oscars Best Song Nomination category?
[Category: Entertainment Current Affairs]
[A]Alexandre Desplat
[B]Bruce Broughton
[C]Steven Price
[D]John Williams

4. Sujit Chowdhury, an Indian American on 14th May, 2014 has been appointed as the dean of which University?
[Category: Educational Current Affairs]
[A]University of California
[B]University of New York
[C]University of New Jersey
[D]University of Los Angelos

5. Which company on 14th May, 2014 announced that it will provide free Wi-fi in Gurgaon Rapid Metro Rail for six months?
[Category: Business Current Affairs]

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