Wednesday, May 28, 2014

28 May 2014 Current Affairs Facts Questions and Answers Quiz

1. After how many years, did Olive Ridley Conservation Programme resumed in Tamil Nadu by the Wildlife Wing of the Forest Department?
[Category: Civil Services Exams Current Affairs]

2. When was the book entitled,'Anticipating India- The Best of National Interest' authored by Shekhar Gupta released?
[Category: IAS Prelims Current Affairs]
[A]24th May, 2014
[B]23rd May, 2014
[C]26th May, 2014
[D]22nd May, 2014

3. Who has developed high-tech cages to carry rodents to the International Space Station from Earth in order to help researchers to study the long term effects of micro-gravity on mammalian physiology?
[Category: Discoveries Current Affairs]
[A]Indian Space Research Organization
[C]Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
[D]Korea Aerospace Research Institute

4. Which currency has appreciated to 11 month high to become the best performing currency in Asia-Pacific region against US dollar in 2014?
[Category: Finance Current Affairs]
[B]Indonesian Rupiah
[C]Indian Rupee

5. Which train rammed into a goods train near Khaliabad in Uttar Pradesh on 26th May, 2014?
[Category: Recent Current Affairs]
[A]Kushinagar Express
[B]Lohit Express
[C]Amarnath Express
[D]Gorakhdham Express

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