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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Online General Knowledge and Current Affairs Quiz for 11, 12 Jan 2014

1. The recommendations made by whom on September 11, 2013, have finally got a nod of approval from the Union Cabinet on January 9, 2014( As per the policy guidelines, the existing agency has been given 30 days to comply with the guidelines.)?
[Category: India Current Affairs]
[C] Ministry of Communications

2. The nation on Saturday, 11th Jan 2014, paid glowing tributes to which former Prime Minister on his 48th death anniversary?
[Category: Online GK Current Affairs]
[A] P V Narsimha Rao
[B] Jawahar Lal Nehru
[C] Indira Gandhi
[D] Lal Bahadur Shastri

3. PM Manmohan Singh on Friday, 10th Jan 2014, inaugurated Terminal 2 or T2 of the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport on Friday, pointing out it can welcome the A380, the world's biggest commercial aircraft. With the commissioning of Terminal-2, Mumbai airport has become compliant to which code?
[Category: Business Current Affairs]
[A] Code C
[B] Code T
[C] Code F
[D] Code Z

4. Giving more power to women to defend themselves and as a tribute to December 2012 ganrape victim Nirbhaya, the Indian Ordnance Factory, Kanpur, has manufactured a .32 bore light weight revolver, India's first firearm designed for women. At 500 grams, it is also the first IOF handgun made of titanium alloy. Priced at Rs 1,22,360, it was launched on January 6, 2014. Can you name the gun?
[Category: National Current Affairs]
[A] Rakshak
[B] Nirbheek
[C] Himmat
[D] Tez

5. Ariel Sharon, the hard-charging Israeli general and prime minister who was admired and hated for his battlefield exploits and ambitions to reshape the Middle East, died on Saturday, 11th Jan 2014. By which name he was called in Israel for his go-getter spirit which didn't hesitate in taking controversial big decisions?
[Category: World GK Current Affairs]
[A] The Warrior
[B] Crusher
[C] Bulldozer
[D] Striker