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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

8 January 2014 Current GK and News Quiz

1. Who has been appointed as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of private insurer Future Generali India Life Insurance on 7 January 2014?
[Category: BankGK Current Affairs]
[A] Pankaj Razdan
[B] Ashish Jena
[C] Vineet Khare
[D] Munish Sharda

2. A panel set up by RBI, on Wednesday 8th Jan 2014, has recommended a special category of banks to exclusively cater to low-income households and small business by providing payment and deposit products to the target customers. This panel has given a series of recommendations to further financial inclusion that includes separate licences to existing banks or new banks to function as ‘Payments Banks'. These banks may have a minimum entry capital of R50 crore against R500 crore required by a full-service bank as the exposure would be risk free. Who is heading this panel?
[Category: Banking GK Current Affairs]
[A] Nachiket Mor
[B] Shikha Gupta
[C] Chanda Kocchar
[D] B N Rangaswamy

3. The Delhi High Court ruled that the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) can audit the books of accounts of private sector __________ companies on 6 January 2014.
[Category: Exams GK Current Affairs]
[A] Power Distribution
[B] Telecom
[C] Insurance
[D] Banking

4. India on 7 January 2014 launched which phase of its housing project in Sri Lanka(The project has been expanded its category of beneficiaries and has included the Indian origin Tamils who are settled in the central part of Sri Lanka as plantation laborers)?
[Category: Latest Current Affairs]
[A] First
[B] Second
[C] Third
[D] Fourth

5. Which company has reportedly unveiled what is touted as the world's lightest, thinnest, pocketable and fully-rugged Windows tablet at the ongoing CES 2014 in Las Vegas on Tuesday, 7th Jan 2013?
[Category: Technology Current Affairs]
[A] Samsung
[B] Nokia
[C] Panasonic
[D] Motorola