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Thursday, January 16, 2014

16 January 2014 GK Current Affairs Quiz

1. One of the Indian Coast Guard Ship was commissioned in Kochi on 15 January 2014 by the Director General of Coast Guard Vice Admiral Anurag G Thapiyal. This is the third in the series of twenty Fast Patrol Vessels (FPVs) and has been designed and built by Cochin Shipyard Limited. Can you name this ship?
[Category: Defence GK Current Affairs]
[A] Vikrant
[B] Samrat
[C] Rudra
[D] Abhinav

2. Arunachal Pradesh witnessed the first trial run of a rail engine on 15 January 2014. The first trial run was of 20-km from Harmutty in Lakhimpur district of Assam to the Arunachal Pradesh capital Itanagar. The State government would put a mechanism in place for checking the inner line permit (ILP) of the passengers. The ILP issued under which regulation is necessary even for an Indian citizen to enter Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Nagaland?
[Category: Jan 2014 GK Current Affairs]
[A] Eastern Railroad Regulation, 1953
[B] Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1973
[C] Indian Rail Frontier Regulation, 1967
[D] Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1990

3. The Group of Ministers (GoM) on 16 January 2014 approved the incentives to the sugar industry for exports of up to 40 lakh tonnes of raw sugar for two years. Who headed this GoM meet?
[Category: Business Current Affairs]
[A] K V Thomas
[B] Kamalnath
[C] Sharad Pawar
[D] Manmohan Singh

4. Who won the Best Actress and Best Actor awards respectively on 15 January 2014 at the 20th Screen Awards?
[Category: News GK Current Affairs]
[A] Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh Khan
[B] Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan
[C] Deepika Padukone and Farhan Akhtar
[D] Richa Chadda and Irfan Khan

5. Who was elected as the President of Indian Islamic Cultural Centre (IICC) on 12 January 2014?
[Category: India Latest Current Affairs]
[A] Sirajuddin Qureshi
[B] S M Khan
[C] Safdar H. Khan
[D] Y S Ansari