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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 28 December 2013

1. Arvind Kejriwal becomes the second IITian to become CM, when he took the oath on 28th December 2013 as the new Chief Minister of Delhi. Who is the first IITian CM of any Indian state?
[Category: SSC GK Current Affairs]
[A] Manohar Parrikar
[B] Shivraj Singh Chauhan
[C] Dr. Raman Singh
[D] J. Jayalalitha

2. Who was appointed as new head of NSG (National Security Guard) on 26 December 2013?
[Category: GK for NDA Current Affairs]
[A] K.K. Suri
[B] J.N.Chaudhary
[C] N.K. Malik
[D] R.C. Gulati

3. Who won her sixth consecutive title at the 34th National Archery Championships at JRD Tata Stadium of PSPB, Jamshedpur on 25 December 2013?
[Category: IAS GK Current Affairs]
[A] Dola Banerjee
[B] Ritika Kumari
[C] Deepika Kumari
[D] Krishna Ghatak

4. Veteran actor Farooq Sheikh died after suffering a heart attack in Dubai on 28th December 2013. He started his career in Bollywood in which year with Garm Hava and is best remembered for his performances in films like Shatranj Ke Khiladi, Chashme Buddoor, Kissi Se Na Kehna, Noorie?
[Category: GK Today Current Affairs]
[A] 1970
[B] 1971
[C] 1972
[D] 1973

5. Can you name the first person to be sworn in as legislator(Kerala's first legislator) soon after the first Assembly polls in Kerala in 1957 and who passed away in the Sultanate of Oman on Saturday, 28th December 2013?
[Category: PCS GK Current Affairs]
[A] Rosamma Bopanna
[B] Jose Francis
[C] Rosamma Punnoose
[D] Sushma P. Anthony