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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Daily Current GK and Current Affairs Quiz - 28 November 2013

1. Cadbury India, a part of Nasdaq-listed Mondelez International Group, on Wednesday, 27 Nov 2013. inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with which Indian state government for setting up its largest Asia-Pacific manufacturing facility in the state?
[Category: MBA Entrance Current Affairs]
[A] Himachal Pradesh
[B] Uttarakhand
[C] Tamilnadu
[D] Andhra Pradesh

2. Who was named the greatest Spanish sports star in history on Tuesday, 26 Nov 2013, by readers of a Spanish sports daily Diario Marca?
[Category: Sports Current Affairs]
[A] Miguel Indurain
[B] Pau Gasol
[C] Amaya Valdemoro
[D] Rafael Nadal

3. As announced on 27 Nov 2013, an inexpensive multi-purpose 'nano-camera' that can operate at the speed of light has been developed by a team researchers, including Indian-origin scientists. The camera is based on "Time of Flight" technology in which the location of objects is calculated by how long it takes a light signal to reflect off a surface and return to the sensor. Where did this camera was developed?
[Category: Technology Current Affairs]
[A] California Institute of Technology
[B] Princeton University
[C] Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab
[D] Oxford College

4. Four judges M Chinapandi, D Krishnaraja, T Ramasamy and C S Murugan heard the trial of the sensational Sankararaman murder case that had lasted for eight years and on Wednesday, 27 Nov 2013 acquitted all the accused, including Kanchi seers Jayendra Saraswathi and Vijayendra Saraswathi. In which court the judgement came on Wednesday?
[Category: India Current Affairs]
[A] Madras(Chennai)
[B] Puducherry
[C] Chengalpet
[D] Mehboobnagar

5. Who is appointed as Pakistan's new army head on 27 November 2013?
[Category: Civil Services Exams Current Affairs]
[A] Lt Gen Raheel Sharif
[B] Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani
[C] Lt Gen Rashid Mahmood
[D] Abdul Waheed Kakar