Tuesday, June 4, 2013

4 June 2013 Quiz - Vocabulary Improvement Daily Questions with Answers

1. Capricious
[A]Solemn Wonder
[B]Fickle; Incalculable
[C]Loquacious; Wordy
[D]Not Able To Be Pierced Or Entered; Beyond Understanding

2. Cataclysm
[A]Scurry; Run With Short; Rapid Steps
[B]Biting; Sarcastic; Stinging
[C]Deluge; Upheaval
[D]Science Of Preparing And Serving Good Food

3. Cerebration
[A]Triangular Part Above Columns In Greek Buildings
[B]Sneer; Like Cobwebs
[C]Motion; Desire

4. Chauvinist
[A]Celebrity; Dignitary
[B]Blindly Devoted Patriot
[C]Skip; Leap Playfully
[D]Someone Who Bears The Blame For Others

5. Clarion
[B]Government Of A Community By Religious Leaders
[C]Shrill, Trumpetlike Sound
[D]Having An Odor

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