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Monday, June 3, 2013

3 June 2013 Quiz - Vocabulary Improvement Daily Questions with Answers

1. Flaunt
[A]Not Biased; Fair
[B]Display Ostentatiously
[C]Wise Saying; Proverb
[D]Mutual; Exchangeable; Interacting

2. Foppish
[B]Played In An Abrupt Manner; Marked By Abrupt Sharp Sound
[C]Vain About Dress And Appearance

3. Frailty
[B]Express; Utter
[D]Enthusiastic Follower

4. Gait
[A]Expressiveness; Persuasive Speech
[B]Manner Of Walking Or Running; Speed
[C]Boastful; Pompous
[D]Ascribe; Explain

5. Generality
[A]Smallest Speck
[B]Familiar Friends
[C]Vague Statement
[D]Make A Harsh Noise; Have An Unpleasant Effect