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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vocabulary Improvement Daily Quiz - 30 May 2013

1. Dank
[A]Entice; Attract
[C]Capable Of Being Stretched
[D]Sour; Peevish

2. Declivity
[B]Entangle; Stick In Swampy Ground
[C]Dejected; Dispirited
[D]Downward Slope

3. Delectable
[A]Stormy; Unkind
[B]Delightful; Delicious
[C]Played In An Abrupt Manner; Marked By Abrupt Sharp Sound

4. Denouement
[B]Outcome; Final Development Of The Plot Of A Play
[C]To Make Invalid

5. Despoil
[A]Concise; Abrupt; Pithy
[B]Turn Into God; Idolize
[C]Calm; Placid