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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vocabulary Improvement Daily Quiz - 29 May 2013

1. Cognizance
[A]Vain About Dress And Appearance
[B]In Confusion; Disorderly
[C]Deliver; Provide; Represent

2. Conspiracy
[A]Renounce Upon Oath
[B]Walking About; Moving
[C]Treacherous Plot
[D]Gruesome; Grisly

3. Contrived
[A]Apparent; Professed; Pretended
[B]Pertaining To The Art Of Delineating; Vividly Described
[C]Forced; Artificial; Not Spontaneous

4. Cosmic
[A]Bitterness; Hatred
[B]Pertaining To Outer Space
[C]Lure Or Bail
[D]Ability; Capacity

5. Cringe
[B]Brawl; Melee
[C]Shrink Back, As If In Fear
[D]Bankrupt; Lacking Money To Pay