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Monday, May 6, 2013

Improve your English Vocabulary by Daily Quiz - 6 May 2013

1. Rabid
[A]Solidly Uniform; Unyielding
[B]Detest; Hate
[C]Like A Fanatic; Furious
[D]Untidy; Careless In Work Habits

2. Raze
[B]Morbid Fear
[C]Destroy Completely
[D]Situated Beyond; Unstated

3. Recrimination
[A]Hang Around; Linger
[B]Like A Lion
[D]Odd; Unpredictable

4. Relegate
[A]Insurmountable; Invincible
[B]Cruel; Deadly
[C]Discipline; Punish In Order To Correct
[D]Banish; Consign To Inferior Position

5. Repine
[A]Opening In Chess In Which A Piece Is Sacrificed
[B]Fret; Complain
[C]Rosy; Optimistic
[D]Person With An Insane Desire To Set Things On Fire