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Sunday, May 19, 2013

English Vocabulary (Synonyms) Practice Test - 19 May 2013

1. Lewd
[A]Breeder Or Deal Of Animals
[B]Exuberant; Bubbly And Excited
[C]Pertaining To The People

2. Loath
[A]Servile Flatterer
[B]Averse; Reluctant
[C]Sensitive; Irascible
[D]Pertaining To An Injury Caused By Violence

3. Macabre
[A]Sour; Peevish
[B]Freedom From Punishment
[C]Gruesome; Grisly
[D]Highly Ornate

4. Mammoth
[A]Giving Bliss; Blissful
[C]Body Divided Into Ranks

5. Matricide
[A]Confused; Lost In Thought; Preoccupied
[B]Murder Of A Mother By A Child
[C]Wasting Away
[D]Very Large Number