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Monday, May 20, 2013

English Vocabulary for Exams - 20 May 2013

1. Mesa
[A]A Doctor Who Treats Mental Diseases
[B]High, Flat-Topped Hill
[C]Pertaining To The Art Of Delineating; Vividly Described
[D]Greedy; Eager For

2. Mire
[A]Having And Aim; Biased; Designed To Further A Cause
[B]The State Of Having Contradictory Or Conflicting Emotional Attitudes
[C]Broken Fragments
[D]Entangle; Stick In Swampy Ground

3. Mnemonic
[A]Not Inherent; Foreign
[B]Pertaining To Memory
[C]Unconscious; Unreasonable
[D]Hatred Of Marriage

4. Morbid
[A]Superintendent; Manager
[B]Pertaining To The Church
[C]Given To Unwholesome Thought; Gloomy
[D]Understandable; Clear

5. Mutable
[A]Downward Slope
[B]Changing In Form; Fickle
[C]Agitation; Commotion
[D]Driving Away; Unattractive