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Monday, May 13, 2013

Daily Vocabulary Test Exercises - 13 May 2013

1. Parry
[A]Brother Or Sister
[B]Ward Off A Blow
[C]Lack Of Balance Or Symmetry; Disproportion
[D]Mischievous; Humorous; Tricky

2. Pejorative
[A]Smallest Speck
[B]Having A Deteriorating Or Depreciating Effect On The Meaning Of A Word
[C]Arrest(A Criminal); Dread; Perceive
[D]Appearance; Costume

3. Perjury
[A]Active Enmity; Hatred
[B]Very Small Quantity
[C]False Testimony While Under Oath
[D]Unexpected Lucky Event

4. Pestilential
[A]Abundance; Wealth
[B]Causing Plague; Baneful
[D]Unit Of Weight Of Precious Stones; Measure Of Fineness Of Gold

5. Placebo
[B]Harmless Substance Prescribed As A Dummy Pill
[C]Slightly Sour; Sharp, Caustic
[D]Wishing Evil