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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Daily Vocabulary Building Exercises - 12 May 2013

1. Numismatist
[A]Brother Or Sister
[B]Highly Skilled Artist
[C]Person Who Collects Coins
[D]Irritate; Fester

2. Obstreperous
[A]Oval Building With Tiers Of Seats
[B]Surmise; Guess
[C]Irreverence; Wickedness
[D]Boisterous; Noisy

3. Opprobrium
[A]Downward Slope
[B]Having An Odor
[C]Infamy; Vilification
[D]After Death (As Of A Child Born After Father'S Death Or Book Published After Author'S Death)

4. Ossify
[A]Cold; Cheerless
[C]After Dinner
[D]Change Or Harden Into Bone

5. Panorama
[A]Doubtful; Ambiguous
[B]Pretense; Evasion
[C]Comprehensive View; Unobstructed View In All Directions
[D]Disproof Of Opponents' Arguments