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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Daily Vocab Builder Exercise - 11 May 2013

1. Polemic
[A]Clumsy; Boorish
[B]Relating To Races
[C]Person Under Protection And Support Of A Patron
[D]Controversy; Argument In Support Of Point Of View

2. Precedent
[B]Interjection; Profane Oath
[C]Something Preceding In Time Which May Be Used As An Authority Or Guide For Future Decision
[D]Elastic; Having The Power Of Springing Back

3. Protract
[A]Boisterous Laughter
[B]Servile Flatterer
[D]Features Of The Face

4. Puissant
[B]Cause To Rise Or Grow Lighter; Enliven
[C]Powerful; Strong; Potent
[D]Illegal Trade; Smuggling

5. Quadrupled
[A]Unsatisfied; Not Soothed
[B]Fly; Dart Lightly; Pass Swiftly By
[C]Without Exceptions; Unqualified; Absolute
[D]Four-Footed Animal