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Monday, May 20, 2013

Daily Current Affairs Update Quiz - 20 May 2013

1. Chinese Prime Minister arrived in India on Sunday, 19 May 2013, on a three-day visit, which aims at stabilizing diplomatic ties. India and China are also likely to sign few bilateral pacts and forge new economic relations. Can you name the Chinese premier who is visiting India?
[Category: UPSC Current Affairs]
[A] Wei Wei
[B] Xi Jinping
[C] Bo Xilai
[D] Li Keqiang

2. On 18 May 2013, 45th session of Indian Labour Conference concluded with a resolve to provide universal social security coverage and assured pension to the entire working population. Where was this conference held?
[Category: Banking Current Affairs]
[A] New Delhi
[B] Jaipur
[C] Ahmedabad
[D] Hyderabad

3. Who became the first Pakistani woman to scale Mount Everest on 19 May 2013?
[Category: Pakistan Current Affairs]
[A] Tashi Malik
[B] Samina Baig
[C] Nunshi Malik
[D] Sania Baig

4. Who became the first twins to scale Mount Everest on 19 May 2013?
[Category: India Current Affairs]
[A] Samina and Saina Baig
[B] Jaya and Seema Malik
[C] Nunshi and Tashi Malik
[D] Siya and Srishti Batra

5. I-T department sends new Rs 577cr tax notice for FY2009 to which Indian IT company on May 2, 2013?
[Category: Business Current Affairs]
[A] Wipro
[B] Infosys