Tuesday, May 28, 2013

5 Words a Day | Word Power Quiz | 28 May 2013

1. Incognito
[A]Narrow-Minded Person, Uncultured And Exclusively Interested In Material Gain
[B]With Identity Concealed; Using An Assumed Name
[C]Metal-Bearing Vein
[D]Blessedness; State Of Bliss

2. Indigent
[A]Filled To Capacity; Abundantly Supplied
[C]Reduce; Exhaust
[D]Loosely Connected

3. Infer
[B]Deduce; Conclude
[C]Showing Off Learning; Bookish

4. Innocuous
[A]Difficult To Please; Squeamish
[C]Of The Same Kind
[D]Based On Experience

5. Intelligentsia
[A]Colored Band Produced When Beam Of Light Passes Through A Prism
[B]Excessively Gasping; Plundering
[C]Real Being
[D]The Intelligent And Educated Classes [Often Used Derogatory]

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