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Monday, May 27, 2013

5 Words a Day | Word Power Quiz | 27 May 2013

1. Hoax
[B]Aimless; Jumping Around
[C]Blame; Censure
[D]Trick; Practical Joke

2. Hypochondriac
[B]Model Of Reflection
[D]Person Unduly Worried About His Health; Worrier Without Cause About Illness

3. Impalpable
[A]Abundance; Wealth
[B]Calmness; Placidity
[C]Imperceptible; Intangible
[D]Meaning; Distinguishing By Name

4. Implement
[A]Slanted; Prejudiced
[B]Capable Of Being Stretched
[C]Fortress; Defense
[D]Put Into Effect; Supply With Tools

5. Inanimate
[A]Effort; Expenditure Of Much Physical Work
[D]Program As For Trial; Book Where Such Entries Are Made