Sunday, May 26, 2013

26 May 2013 - Current Affairs Updates Quiz

1. A group of 100 plus Maoists attacked a Congress party convoy on Saturday, 25th May 2013, in which 16 people died, including two senior Congress leaders. The attack happened near Darbha forest in Jagdalpur of which state?
[Category: May 2013 Current Affairs]
[A] Jharkhand
[B] Assam
[C] Chattisgarh
[D] Odisha

2. Legendary singer T M Soundararajan, often hailed as the 'uncrowned king' of Tamil cinema,passed away on Saturday 25th May 2013. He had more than 10,000 film songs to his credit and more than 5000 devotional songs. With which song he made his debut?
[Category: Latest Current Affairs]
[A] Naan Aanaiyittaal
[B] Radhe Ennai Vittu Pogadhe
[C] Aandavan Padaichan
[D] Aaru Maname Aaru Antha

3. Which company has launched the scooter 'Ray Z' on Friday, 24 May 2013?
[Category: Top Current Affairs]
[A] Honda
[B] Bajaj
[C] Yamaha
[D] Mahindra

4. Who were conferred with the Vyas Samman on 23 May 2013 for the year 2011 and 2012 respectively?
[Category: IAS Prelims 2013 Current Affairs]
[A] Ramdarash Mishra and Shailesh Lodha
[B] Shailesh Lodha and Vishnu Prabhakar
[C] Safdar Hashmi and Narendra Kohli
[D] Ramdarash Mishra and Narendra Kohli

5. The Ecuadorean space agency (EXA) stated on 23 May 2013 that their only satellite collided with the Russian space debris. What is the name of this satellite?
[Category: World Current Affairs]
[A] Pegasus
[B] Juniper
[C] Dormoth
[D] Herman

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