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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MBA English Daily Preparation Quiz - 24 April 2013

1. Truncate
[A]Blame; Criticize
[B]Cut The Top Off
[C]Imposing; Impressive
[D]Not To Be Taken Away; Nontransferable

2. Venison
[A]Pride; Arrogance
[B]Spoil The Effect Of; Make Inoperative
[C]The Meat Of A Deer
[D]Unsatisfied; Not Soothed

3. Victuals
[A]Territory Enclosed Within An Alien Land
[B]Sameness Leading To Boredom
[C]Noble; Aristocratic

4. Vitreous
[A]Stuff Oneself
[B]Clash In Opinion; Rubbing Against
[C]Pertaining To Or Resembling Glass
[D]Form Of Literature In Which Irony; Sarcasm, And Ridicule Are Employed To Attack Vice And Folly

5. Warrant
[B]Small Cavern
[C]Justify; Authorize
[D]Irritable; Easily Angered