Thursday, April 25, 2013

Improve Your Vocabulary Word Power - 25 April 2013

1. Winsome
[A]To Admit To The Rights Of Citizenship (Especially The Right To Vote)
[B]Agreeable; Gracious; Engaging
[D]Not To Be Taken Away; Nontransferable

2. Yore
[A]Destroy Leaves
[D]Face; Appearance

3. Retrospective
[A]Place Into A Case
[B]Substance Causing Vomiting
[C]Give Up Temporarily; Yield
[D]Looking Back On The Past

4. Rote
[A]New Or Newly Coined Word Or Phrase
[B]Deserving High Respect
[D]Roundness; Sonorousness Of Speech

5. Sanctimonious
[B]Antiquated; Ancient
[D]Displaying Ostentatious Or Hypocritical Devoutness

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