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Friday, April 26, 2013

Daily Quiz on English Vocabulary - 26 Apr 2013

1. Scion
[A]Not Influenced By Emotions; Fair
[C]Very Unrefined; Grossly Insensible

2. Shackle
[A]Based On Experience
[B]Observable Facts; Subjects Of Scientific Investigation
[D]Chain; Fetter

3. Sirocco
[B]Treat As Celebrity
[C]Settle A Dispute Through The Services Of An Outsider
[D]Warm, Sultry Wind Blown From Africa To Southern Europe

4. Solace
[A]Darken; Extinguish; Surpass
[B]Comfort In Trouble
[C]Fail Completely; Sink
[D]Similarity; Parallelism

5. Spawn
[A]Pithy, Compact Saying
[B]Speak Foolishly
[C]Wise Saying; Proverb
[D]Lay Eggs