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Monday, April 15, 2013

Daily General Knowledge Quiz - 15 April 2013

1. Ritcher Scale' is used to measure which of the following?
[Category: Technology GK]
[A] Intensity of Tsunami Waves
[B]Density of Salt in Sea Water
[C]Intensity of Earthquake
[D]Flow of Electric Current

2. What does VAT stands for?
[Category: Business GK]
[A] Virtual Assessment Technique
[B]Virtual Action Tasks
[C]Value And Tax
[D]Value Added Tax

3. Which is true about OPEC group of countries?
[Category: Economy GK]
[A] Exporting Oil
[B]Producing Cotton
[C]Nuclear Power
[D]rich and developed

4. What is the capital of Malaysia?
[Category: Countries and Capitals(World Geography) GK]
[A] Yerevan
[B] Berlin
[C] Kuala Lumpur
[D] Paramaribo

5. Which of the following metals is used for generation of Nuclear Energy by most of the Nuclear Power plants?
[Category: Physics GK]
[A] Platinum


Unknown April 15, 2013 at 4:01 AM  

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