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Sunday, March 3, 2013

March GK Questions Answers Daily Quiz - 3 March 2013

1. Doctor Baby Manoj in Kerala has developed a cheap, effective and eco-friendly medical syringe that can never be reused. For this invention he received Best Invention Awards for 2011 from the National Research Development Corporation, an undertaking of the science and technology ministry, and World Intellectual Property Organisation at a function in New Delhi in February 2013. What name has been given to the syringe?
[Category: India Science GK]
[A] Noinfe Safe Syringe
[B] Infproof Safe Syringe
[C] Peanut Safe Syringe
[D] Coconut Safe Syringe

2. What is the name of the 2,640 kilometers long porous border between Pakistan and Afghanistan?
[Category: World GK]
[A] Durand Line
[B] Hindenburg Line
[C] McMohan Line
[D] Maginot Line

3. Every deductor(who is required to deduct tax at the source of income) is required to obtain a unique identification number which is a ten digit alpha numeric number from Income Tax Department. What is this number called?
[Category: Banking GK]

4. Greenhouse gases(GHG) are those that can absorb and emit infrared radiation, but not radiation in or near the visible spectrum. Which of the the following gas is not a GHG?
[Category: Science GK]
[A] Methane
[B] Nitrous Oxide
[C] Ozone
[D] Nitrogen

5. "High performance delivered" is a punchline of which company?
[Category: Brands GK]
[B] Accenture
[C] Microsoft
[D] Novell