Sunday, March 10, 2013

GK For Exams Daily Updates - 10 March 2013

1. Who was named the country's most powerful business leader by Fortune Magazine for 2012?
[Category: Business GK]
[A] Indra Nooyi
[B] Shikha Sharma
[C] Chanda Kochhar
[D] Kiran Majumdar

2. RO is most commonly known for its use in drinking water purification and many companies have launched their RO system for home use. What does RO means?
[Category: Science GK]
[A] Reverse Osmosis
[B] Reverse Oxygen
[C] Reverse Oscillation
[D] Reef Oscillation

3. C. V. Raman has won the nobel prize in 1930 in which field?
[Category: India GK]
[A] Literature
[B] Physics
[C] Medicine
[D] Chemistry

4. What is the capital of Bangladesh?
[Category: Countries and Capitals(World Geography) GK]
[A] Tallinn
[B] Mogadishu
[C] Dhaka
[D] Mogadishu

5. Thomas Cup is associated with which sports?
[Category: Sports GK]
[A] Cricket
[B] Hockey
[C] Football
[D] Badminton

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