Sunday, March 17, 2013

Daily GK Quiz Update - 17 March 2013

1. What does AIFF stands for in Indian Football?
[Category: Sports GK]
[A] All India Football Federation
[B] Anglo Indian Football Federation
[C] All India Football Forum
[D] All India Football Force

2. Which is the biggest desert in the world?
[Category: Geography GK]
[A] Kalahari
[B] Thar
[C] Kalahari
[D] Sahara

3. Indian has won the Hockey World Cup only once in which year?
[Category: Sports GK]
[A] 1971
[B] 1975
[C] 1978
[D] 1994

4. Who was the first Indian to win Magsaysay Award?
[Category: Awards and Honours GK]
[A] C. D. Deshmukh
[B] Jayaprakash Narayan
[C] Vinoba Bhave
[D] Kiran Bedi

5. Kya bhooloon kya yaad karoon (क्या भूलूं क्या याद करूं) is an autobiography of whom?
[Category: Literature GK]
[A] Harivansh Rai Bachchan
[B] Mahasweta Devi
[C] V. V. Giri
[D] Mahadevi Verma

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