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Friday, March 8, 2013

Current Affairs Daily Quiz - 8 March 2013

1. Scientists have accurately calculated the distance to our nearest galaxy for the first time. The finding calls it the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) and it lies ___________ light years away - one light year being equal to 10 trillion km. The LMC is a dwarf galaxy and it floats in space around the Milky Way - a similar relationship to that between Earth and our moon.
[Category: Space Technology Current Affairs]
[A] 100000
[B] 129000
[C] 163000
[D] 192000

2. Who won India's first medal in the Asian Cycling Junior Championships on Thursday, 7th March 2013, at the Indira Gandhi Velodrome(She became the only second Indian to win a medal in the Asian Championship)?
[Category: Sports Current Affairs]
[A] Rumi Chatterjee
[B] Deborah
[C] Jashanjit Kaur
[D] Sunita Devi

3. On 7th March 2013, a new law "Violence Against Women Act" was signed by the President of this country. Originally passed in 1994 and reauthorised since, the Act provides support for organisations that serve domestic violence victims. Criminal prosecutions of abusers are generally the responsibility of local authorities, but the Act stiffened sentences for stalking under federal law? Can you name the person, who has signed this law?
[Category: World Current Affairs]
[A] Barack Obama
[B] Pranav Mukherjee
[C] David Cameron
[D] Francois Hollande

4. As per US Govt sources, a son-in-law of Osama bin Laden who served as al Qaeda's spokesman has been arrested and detained in Jordan in an operation led by Jordanian authorities and the FBI on Thursday, 7th March 2013. What is the name of this militant who had also appeared in videos representing al Qaeda after the September 11, attacks on New York and Washington in 2001?
[Category: International Current Affairs]
[A] Ayman al-Zawahiri
[B] Suleiman Abu Ghaith
[C] Atiyah Abd al-Rahman
[D] Mohammed Jamal Khalifa

5. India on 8th March 2013 pressed Denmark for accused Kim Davy's extradition to "stand trial" but did not rule out an option under which the Danish national could be tried in Copenhagen if needed. Davy alias Neils Holck is wanted in India for which case?
[Category: India Political Current Affairs]
[A] Bofors Scandal
[B] 26/11 Attacks
[C] Purulia Arms Drop Case
[D] Bhopal Gas Tragedy Case