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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Feb Current Affairs Question Answers - 14 February 2013

1. Voting for the Tripura assembly elections began on Thursday, 14th Feb 2013, amidst tight security. In all, 23,55,446 people, about half of them women, are eligible to exercise their franchise to decide the fate of 249 candidates, including 15 women and many independents. Apprehending trouble by separatist outfits and possible violence, a record 40,000 paramilitary and other security personnel have been deployed, while two air surveillance teams led by senior police officials are conducting air surveillance. What is the number of members in the Assembly in Tripura for which elections are underway?
[Category: India Political News and Current Affairs]
[A] 60
[B] 62
[C] 67
[D] 72

2. Centre for Science and Environment's (CSE) analysis of government data and the Global Burden of Disease report's data on India has shown that it is the fifth leading cause of death in India after high blood pressure, indoor air pollution, tobacco smoking and poor nutrition, with about 620,000 premature deaths occurring from the diseases related to it. What is it?
[Category: Environment Current Affairs]
[A] Alcohol
[B] Sexually Transmitted Diseases
[C] Air pollution
[D] Sanitation Hygiene

3. The Samajwadi Party on Wednesday, 13 Feb 2013, nominated popular stand-up comedian Raju Srivastava as the party's candidate for the 2014 general elections. Now, he is all set to face Congress's sitting MP and Union minister Sriprakash Jaiswal in the constituency. Raju Srivastava has been named candidate for which parliamentary constituency by SP?
[Category: Politics Current Affairs]
[A] Itawah
[B] Kanpur
[C] Amethi
[D] Lakhimpur Khiri

4. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) on Wednesday froze the bank accounts of two Sahara group companies and attached their properties for lapses in the refund of Rs __________ crore they had raised from investors. The market regulator also ordered a freeze on the bank accounts and properties of group chief Subrata Roy Sahara and three other top officials. The orders against Sahara India Real Estate Corporation (SIREC) and Sahara Housing Investment Corporation (SHIC) came after the Supreme Court pulled up the two companies last week, seeking an explanation for their alleged non-compliance with its order to refund by November 30 last year the sum they had raised through optional fully convertible debentures.
[Category: Business News Current Affairs]
[A] 12000
[B] 16000
[C] 20000
[D] 24000

5. India's exports rose for the first time in nine months in January. Exports in January grew ______% to $25.5 billion compared with the year ago month, while imports rose 6.1% to $45.6 billion, data released by the commerce and industry ministry on Wednesday, 13 Feb 2013, showed. The trade deficit has now widened to nearly $20 billion from $16.7 billion a year ago, just short of the all-time high of $21 billion in October. Although demand for Indian merchandise in the West is still low, the latest trade data has brought optimism among some officials that the situation will improve.
[Category: Economy News and Current Affairs]
[A] 0.53
[B] 0.64
[C] 0.77
[D] 0.82