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Monday, January 21, 2013

January Current Affairs Questions Answers: 21 Jan 2013

1. On Monday, 21 January 2013, the UP unit of the BJP entered election mode with the merger of former chief minister Kalyan Singh’s party which is announced at “Atal Shankhnad Rally” in Lucknow. All senior party leaders who are associated with the state will assemble on a single stage and announce a public campaign in the state, highlighting the ‘“good governance” of former Atal Behari Vajpayee government. State BJP president Laxmikant Bajpai said the party will make a promise to the people that good governance will be restored if BJP comes to the power in the next Lok sabha election. What is the name of Kalyan Singh's party which is merging in BJP?
[Category: India Politics Current Affairs]
[A] Jan Lok Party
[B] Jan Satta Party
[C] Jan Kranti Party
[D] Jan Shakti Party\

2. Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd on 21 January 2013, announced a contract with Belgium-based company, worth around Rs 400 crore, to set up a Proton Therapy Centre for cancer therapy in India. The contract with Belgium company covers the equipment and services supplied by it to help Apollo Hospitals to establish the Apollo Proton Therapy Centre including the long term operation and maintenance. The tie up is for advanced radio therapy technology for treatment of cancer. With which company Apollo Hospitals signed the contract?
[Category: India Business News Current Affairs]
[A] Healthcare Belgium
[B] Ion Beam Applications
[C] Ablynx
[D] Innogenetics

3. Four years after making history by becoming the first African-American president, Barack Obama will kick off his second term on Monday, 21 Jan 2013, with a scaled-back inauguration that reflects the tempered expectations for his next four years in office. When Obama sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts outside the U.S. Capitol, it was his second time taking the oath in 24 hours. He had a formal private swearing-in on Sunday at the White House because of a constitutional requirement that the president be sworn in on January 20. With the public ceremony falling on the national holiday honoring slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., Obama will be able to draw some historic parallels. While taking the oath, he will place his left hand on two Bibles - one once owned by _________ and the other by King.
[Category: World Political Latest News Current Affairs]
[A] John F. Kennedy
[B] George Washington
[C] Theodore Roosevelt
[D] Abraham Lincoln

4. Pakistani lawyer Awais Sheikh expects the release order of his Indian client Sarabjit Singh, who is in a Pakistani jail for the last 22 years, to be issued by March. Sarabjit Singh is a victim of confrontation between the two nations. Freeing him is the best confidence building measure Pakistan can offer,” said Mr. Sheikh here at the release of his book on last Tuesday. What is the name of the book?
[Category: Politics and Nation Current Affairs]
[A] Sarabjit Singh – A Case of Mistaken Identity
[B] Sarabjit Singh – A Case of Mismanagement
[C] Sarabjit Singh – A Case of Poor Politics
[D] Sarabjit Singh – A Case of Identity Politics

5. Switzerland will be able to provide banking and other details sought by other countries, including India, from next month about a 'group of persons' even without their individual identification, provided the information has not been requested as part of some 'fishing expedition'. A new Act will come into force on February 1, 2013 and a resolution to this effect has been passed by the Switzerland's Federal Council. The development follows intensified global pressure on Swiss authorities in the past couple of years to act against the secrecy walls of Swiss banks, which have been often accused of providing safe haven to illicit wealth from abroad and not sharing the account details citing their client confidentiality provisions. What is the name of the new Act?
[Category: World Finance News Current Affairs]
[A] Federal Tax Assistance Act
[B] Forign Tax Assistance Act
[C] Tax Administrative Assistance Act
[D] Tax Avoidance Assistance Act