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Monday, December 10, 2012

Managerial Effectiveness: Check your Management Style and its Effectiveness | Quiz - 6

1. Communication is essential for the functioning of an organization. Every day a vast amount of information flows from managers to employees, employees to managers, and from employees to employees. Apart from this internal communication, a considerable amount of information is also carried in and out of the organization. Different situations call for different messages and different channels to transmit messages. Every channel has its own advantages and disadvantages. In which of the following situations is a written message most suitable?
[A]When the message is detailed, complex, and requires careful planning
[B]When there is no need to have a permanent record
[C]When there is a need to overcome time-zone barriers
[D]When there is a need to have immediate feedback from the audience

2.If I _______, I would exchange that typewriter for a personal computer
[A]Was her
[B]Were her
[C]Were she
[D]Was she

3.The elements of a report refer to those components that are usually included in a formal business report. Many different types of reports are written in business and they may or may not contain all the elements uniformly. In a report, a list of definitions is called a/an
[C]Executive summary
[D]Title fly

4. An interview is a goal-oriented, interpersonal communication between an interviewer and a respondent. The interviewer must have a specific goal clearly in mind, so that the structure of the interview and the actual questions can all be tailored to that goal. Under which of the following phases of the planning process does this come?
[A]Get information about the other party
[B]Decide the structure
[C]State the purpose
[D]Persuade the respondent

5.Preparation is required to effectively communicate bad news to employees. Which of the following is not a key question that should be answered regarding delivering bad news?
[A]What is the purpose of change?
[B]How will delivering bad news affect only myself?
[C]How does bad news relate to corporate/business objectives?
[D]How will the bad news affect employees, customers, and shareholders?

6.The content of a memo should depend on its objectives. These objectives will help determine the type of memo that should be used: request, confirmation, periodic report, ideas and suggestions or informal study results. In which of the following ways should an idea and suggestions memo be written?

7. There are many types of reports prepared for different purposes. Monthly cost control reports and quartely sales reports are examples of
[A]Request report memos
[B]Periodic report memos
[C]Confirmation memos
[D]Informal survey results memos

8.The length of the introduction depends on the length of the report. As a result, the length of the introduction can vary from one or two paragraphs to several pages. Which of the factors are covered in the limitations part of introduction?
[A]The factors affecting the quality of the report
[B]The factors that have led to the report
[C]What is and what is not going to be covered in the report
[D]When, how and by whom the report was authorized

9.To physically transmit your message you select a communication channel and a medium. The medium could be telephone, computer, fax, letter, memo, report, face-to-face, etc. The richest communication medium is
[A]A phone call
[B]A memo
[C]An e-mail
[D]A face-to-face conversation

10. “Passing the building, the vandalism was clearly visible” The sentence is burdened with dangling modifiers. Which of the following is/are true regarding dangling modifiers?
I. They are illogical.
II. They are confusing.
III. They are modifiers that do not clearly modify a specific word.
[A]Only (I) above
[B]Only (II) above
[C]Both (I) and (II) above
[D]All (I), (II) and (III) above

11.In the job market we have competition with thousands of other applicants, all vying for the same jobs we are aspiring to get. Hence, we need to have a resume which will properly convey our strengths. Building blocks of your resume are
[B]Your character traits
[C]Your self-analysis
[D]Your employment history

12.All business communicators face the problem of compressing complicated, closely related ideas into a linear message that proceeds sequentially from point to point. People simply do not remember disassociated facts and figures, so successful communicators rely on organization to make their messages meaningful. Well organized message has many benefits. Which of the following is not one of them?
[A]It makes the message more acceptable to the audience
[B]It saves the audience's time
[C]It ensures that the audience will agree with the message
[D]It helps the audience understand the message

13. The paragraph must be developed in a logical manner. For instance, in a paragraph describing a process, chronological or time orders would be important. To achieve a logical progression of ideas and to provide coherence, writers use
[C]Logical connectors

14.The channels are the means used to convey the message. To physically transmit your message you select a communication channel and a medium. The medium could be telephone, computer, fax, letter, memo, face-to-face, etc. Companies that use intranets
[A]Are engaging in e-commerce with their customers
[B]Facilitate communication among employees within a company
[C]Are behind the times technologically
[D]Facilitate communication between employees and the society

15.Different messages will have different objectives. Depending on the objectives, many things like tone of the letter, language of the letter etc., will change. What is your goal when you write a letter of recommendation?
[A]Nothing, because the letter is written for someone else
[B]To make some general comments about the person you are writing about so that you don't have to go into any details about his work
[C]To convince readers that the person you are recommending has the qualities necessary for the relevant position or benefit
[D]To convince the reader that you are a person in an important position