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Monday, December 3, 2012

General Knowledge Daily Digest: 3 December 2012

1. Which city in India is known as the Pink City?
[Category: India GK]

2. Which city in India hosted the first Formula One Indian Grand Prix in 2011?
[Category: Sports GK]
[A]Greater Noida

3. Tattvartha Sutra is a religious text written by Acharya Umaswati of which religion?
[Category: Religion GK]

4. What is the original name of Munshi Premchand, an Indian writer famous for his modern Hindi-Urdu literature and one of the most celebrated writers of the Indian subcontinent?
[Category: Literature GK]
[A]Deewan Chand
[B]Punjab Rai
[C]Lakhpat Rai
[D]Dhanpat Rai

5. Lucknow is situated on the banks of which river?
[Category: Geography GK]