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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Daily Latest GK Questions Answers Quiz: 27 December 2012

1. What is the upper limit prescribed for Real Time Gross Settlement(RTGS) transactions in various banks in India?
[Category: Banking awareness GK]
[A]2 lac
[B]5 lac
[C]10 lac
[D]No upper limit

2. Recently India has inducted Airborne Warning And Control System (AWACS) platforms in its Air Force. These sophisticated machines are supplied by which of the following countries?
[Category: Defence GK]

3. Kathak is a dance form from which Indian State?
[Category: Culture GK]
[B]Uttar Pradesh
[C]Andhra Pradesh
[D]Madhya Pradesh

4. International Organization for Standardization (ISO), is an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations. Founded on February 23, 1947, the organization promulgates worldwide proprietary, industrial, and commercial standards. Where is its headquarters?
[Category: International Awareness GK]
[A]Geneva, Switzerland
[B]Berlin, Germany
[C]Paris, France
[D]Newyork, USA

5. What is full form of CD-ROM?
[Category: Computer GK]
[A]Compact Disc Random only memory
[B]Common Disc Read-only memory
[C]Compact Disc Read-only memory
[D]Conversion Disc Read-only memory