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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bhagat Singh Quiz: Indian Freedom Fighter

1. By which name Bhagat Singh is often referred to?
[A]Veer Bhagat Singh
[B]Azad Bhagat Singh
[C]Shaheed Bhagat Singh
[D]Lokmanya Bhagat Singh

2. What is the birth place of Bhagat Singh?
[A]Jaranwala Tehsil, Punjab
[B]Lahore, Punjab
[C]Amritsar, Punjab
[D]Jalandhar, Punjab

3. Which college Bhagat Singh attended in 1923?
[A]Khalsa College, Lahore
[B]National College, Lahore
[C]DAV College, Lahore
[D]Imperial College, Lahore

4. Bhagat Singh's father Kishan Singh and uncles Ajit Singh and Swaran Singh were members of which party?
[A]Naujawan Bharat Sabha
[B]Hindustan Socialist Republican Association
[C]Ghadar Party
[D]Kirti Kisan Party

5. What is the name of Bhagat Singh's Mother?
[A]Lakhsmi Devi
[B]Bhuvaneswari Devi

6. In his prison cell, Bhagat Singh wrote a pamphlet in response to him being accused of vanity by not accepting God in the face of death. What is the title of that pamphlet?
[A]Why I am an Atheist
[B]Why India wants freedom
[C]India's Struggle
[D]Jai Hind Jai Bharti

7. In a case of mistaken identity Bhagat Singh Singh killed John P. Saunders, an Assistant Superintendent of Police instead of _____________.
[A]J. Coldstream
[B]G. C. Hilton
[C]James A. Scott
[D]Horace Williamson

8. From May to September 1928, Bhagat Singh published a series of articles on anarchism in which Punjabi periodical?
[A]Punjab Kesari
[D]Punjabi Darpan

9. Bhagat Singh always carried a photo of his mentor in his pocket. Who is his mentor?
[A]Chandrashekhar Azad
[B]Kartar Singh Sarabha
[C]Lala Lajpat Rai
[D]Mahatma Gandhi

10. When did an 18-foot tall bronze statue of Bhagat Singh was installed in the Parliament of India?
[A]23 January 2008
[B]15 August 2008
[C]27 September 2008
[D]26 January 2009

11. When was Bhagat Singh born?
[A]22 September 1907
[B]28 September 1907
[C]28 October 1907
[D]28 December 1907

12. In which year a postal stamp was issued in India commemorating the birth anniversary of Bhagat Singh?

13. Bhagat Singh was sentenced to death in which case?
[A]Kakori Case
[B]Chauri Chaura Case
[C]Assembly bomb case
[D]Lahore conspiracy case

14. When was Bhagat Singh hanged?
[A]23 March 1931
[B]24 March 1931
[C]23 January 1932
[D]2 May 1931

15. Which was the first Bollywood film that have been made capturing the life and times of Bhagat Singh?
[A]Shaheed-e-Azad Bhagat Singh
[B]Shaheed Bhagat Singh
[D]The Legend of Bhagat Singh