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Thursday, December 6, 2012

6 December 2012: Current Affairs Awareness Quiz

1. FDI in multi-brand retail on Wednesday, 5th December 2012, got the approval of the Lok Sabha as the Opposition motion seeking immediate withdrawal of the decision was rejected convincingly as the BSP and the SP staged a walkout. The Opposition motion got 218 votes in favour and 253 against with 471 members participating in the voting. The total strength of the House is 545. The House also rejected the motion seeking amendment to the rules notified by the Reserve Bank under the Foreign Exchange Management Act to enable FDI in multi-brand retail. While 254 voted in favour of the government, 224 were against. The voting for FDI took place under which rule of the Rules of Business of the Lok Sabha?
[Category: National Current Affairs]
[A]Rule 170
[B]Rule 182
[C]Rule 184
[D]Rule 198

2. The Supreme Court on Wednesday, 5th December 2012, dismissed by a majority ruling former Lok Sabha Speaker P A Sangma's petition challenging the election of senior Congress leader Pranab Mukherjee as President. Chief Justice Altamas Kabir, who led the 3 to 2 majority ruling, held that Sangma's petition is not maintainable for regular hearing. Mr. Sangma has contended that Mr. Mukherjee was holding offices of profit as chairman of an institute and as also the leader of the Congress Party in Lok Sabha when he had entered the Presidential race. For which institute Mr. Mukherjee was holding the position of chairman?
[Category: Politics Election Current Affairs]
[A]Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
[B]Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata
[C]Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore
[D]Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

3. India's image on tackling corruption has not improved with Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index (CPI) ranks it lower among 176 nations this year in a report released on 5th December 2012. This year, India has a score of 36 out of 100 on a scale from 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean) which is a result of an average of 10 studies including World Bank's Country Performance and Institutional Assessment and Global Insight Country Risk Ratings. India was ranked 72 among 180 countries for the first time in 2007 and since then the country's rankings have been showing a decline. What is the rank of India this year?
[Category: India News Current Affairs]

4. After witnessing increasing adoption of three-dimensional (3D) visuals, cinema will now see the advent of multi-dimensional audio that promises to substantially enhance the movie experience. Dolby Laboratories has unveiled its new technology in Chennai on Monday, 3rd Dec 2012. The technology, which Dolby calls the future of cinema sound, is available in the Serene screen, Chennai’s Sathyam Cinemas, which has become the first cinema chain in India with the revolutionary Dolby's technology. Rajinikanth-starrer Sivaji 3D which releases on December 12, 2012 will be the first Indian film to be released with new technology. What is the name of this new technology?
[Category: Cinema Current Affairs]
[A]Dolby SFX
[B]Dolby Atmos
[C]Dolby Surround
[D]Dolby 3DX

5. Reliance Industries on Wednesday, 5th Dec 2012, said it has received $2.1 billion credit support, including direct loan of $1.06 billion from a US based bank. The debt will primarily be used for expansion of projects at Jamnagar, Gujarat. The board of the Bank of the US has voted to extend the single largest financing transaction of $2.1 billion to Reliance Industries Ltd. This includes a $1.06-billion direct loan and to guarantee a $1.06-billion JP Morgan Chase loan to the company. The loan amount will be primarily used to finance goods and services procured from exporters and suppliers in the US as part of Reliance's expansion projects at Jamnagar. Which bank of US has sanctioned this credit?
[Category: Finance Current Affairs]
[A]Bank of America
[B]Export-Import Bank of US
[C]Citi Bank
[D]American Express Bank