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Monday, November 19, 2012

General Knowledge Questions Answers Quiz: 19 November 2012

1. Saina Nehwal is a famous player associated with which game?
[A]Lawn tennis
[D]Table tennis

2. Who among the following is the Prime Minister of Japan at present?
[A]Naota Kan
[B]Abe Shinzo
[C]Yasuo Fukuda
[D]Yoshihiko Noda

3. Central Drug Research Institute is located in which of the following cities in India?
[A]Luck now
[D]New Delhi

4. Which of the following books is written by the classic brussian author Maxim Gorky?
[B]The Mother
[C]War and peace
[D]As you like it

5. Summer Olympics of 2016 will be organised in which country?