Thursday, November 15, 2012

Daily Objective Current Affairs Quiz: 15 November 2012

1. Himachal Pradesh’s biggest trade fair, which is also the centuries-old annual fair ended on Wednesday, 14th November 2012. The fair provided an opportunity for showcasing the state's culture and for trade in dry fruits, handicrafts, handloom and cross border products. The fair, which is held at Rampur Bushahr on the banks of river Sutlej,130 km from here, is usually formally opened by the state chief minister but this year, it enjoyed no such high-profile opening and publicity due to the model code of conduct in force. What is the name of the fair?
[A]Jwalamukhi Fair
[B]Lavi Fair
[C]Minjar Fair
[D]Vrajeshwari fair

2. 2G mobile phone spectrum auction virtually flopped with just Rs ________ crore being garnered in the process contrary to the high valuation estimated by the CAG in its damning report of the government two years ago. The auction, which lasted just two days, got total bids of the value which was a far cry from the 35-day bidding for the 3G spectrum in 2010 that got Rs 67,719 crore. The government was targetting a minimum of Rs 28,000 crore from the sale of 2G spectrum in the GSM band and the tepid response may upset its efforts to meet the revised fiscal deficit target of 5.3 percent of GDP. Overall, the government had budget Rs 40,000 crore as revenue from spectrum sale this fiscal.
[A]Rs 9407.64 crore
[B]Rs 9200.23 crore
[C]Rs 19407.64 crore
[D]Rs 9074.34 crore

3. McNally Bharat Engineering has bagged contracts worth Rs 90.88 crore in West Bengal under BRGF on 14th November 2012. The BRGF, which aims to catalyse development in backward areas in the country, was approved by the government in August 2006. In its present form, the BRGF has two components, namely, district component covering 272 backward districts in 27 states and state component which includes Special Plan for Bihar, West Bengal, KBK districts, Integrated Action Plan (IAP) for selected tribal and backward districts and Bundelkhand Package. The implementation of the programmes is being undertaken by the state governments, which aim to accelerate socio-economic development in these areas. What is full form of BRGF?
[A]Backward Rozgar Grant Fund
[B]Backward Rural Grant Fund
[C]Backward Region Grant Fund
[D]Backward Rural Grameen Fund

4. The India International Trade Fair, ever since its inception in 1980 has evolved as a major event for the Business community. It is a premier event organized by the India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO), the nodal trade promotion agency of the Government of India. The event is held between 14 - 27 November every year at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India. President Pranab Mukherjee on Wednesday, 14th November 2012, inaugurated the 32nd edition of the India International Trade Fair (IITF), which has a theme Skilling India. How many countries are participating in the fair this year?

5. The flawless diamond, from India's famous Golconda mines, broke several world records when it was sold at auction in Geneva on Tuesday, 13th November 2012, for $21.47 million. The price that the 76-carat jewel fetched at the Christie's sale is a record for the auction of a clear, colorless diamond. It is also the highest auction price per carat for such a gem and the record for a Golconda diamond, the same mines which produced the Koh-i-Noor, which adorns the British Queen's crown. WHat is the name of the diamond?
[A]Beau Sancy Diamond
[B]Sun-Drop Diamond
[C]Archduke Joseph Diamond
[D]The Graff Pink Diamond

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