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Saturday, November 24, 2012

24 November 2012 Current Affairs Question Answers

1. Arvind Kejriwal unveiled his party on 24th Nov 2012. The party designated 300 odd members as its founding members who constitute the national council. The council elected 23 members to the core decision making body called the national executive today. The aim of the new party was to achieve swaraj or rule of the people in the true sense kejriwal said. He said the vision document approved by the national council of the party today asks for creating governance structures that would be accountable to the people rather than to the bureacracy and political leaders. The party while having an internal Lokpal which would look into public complaints against party members would also exercise right to recall. What is the name of the party?
[Category: Politics Current Affairs]
[A]IAC Party
[B]Brashtachar Mukti Party
[C]Aam Admi Party
[D]Jan Sangharsh Party

2. Bharti Walmart , the 50-50 joint venture for the cash-and-carry business under a different brand-name said on Friday, 23rd Nov 2012, that it had suspended a few associates of the company, pending the outcome of the investigation into alleged corrupt practices.Walmart, the world’s largest retail chain has been waiting for about five years to set up stores in India. Due to the prohibition on FDI in multi-brand retail, the $447-billion chain had tied up with the Bharti group for operating cash-and-carry outlets, for which up to 100 per cent foreign investment was allowed. The two groups had planned once FDI was allowed, they would enter the multi-brand category together. Under what brand name Bharti Walmart is operating in India?
[Category: Business Current Affairs]
[A]Best Price Modern
[C]Bharti Mart
[D]Walmart Bharti

3. The ban on manufacture, sale and use of most types of plastic bags in Delhi came into force on Friday, 23 Nov 2012. The notification had banned use of most forms of plastics and trading in them. It had stated that no person, including shopkeepers, vendors, wholesalers, retailers and hawkers, will be allowed to sell, store or use plastic bags for supply of any goods. The use of plastic cover/pouch to pack magazines, greeting cards and invitation cards has also been banned. However, plastic bags used for packing food stuffs like milk, cooking oil, flour and plastic cups have been excluded from its purview. Similarly plastic bags for use, as specified under the Bio Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 1998, are not covered under the ban. Delhi High Court also refused to stay the Delhi Government notification on ban on a petition. Who has filed the petition?
[Category: Environment Current Affairs]
[A]Delhi Plastic Industries Association
[B]National Capital Territory Plastic Industries Association
[C]Plastic Manufacturers Association
[D]All-India Plastic Industries Association

4. India defeated arch-rivals Pakistan 5-2 in an inconsequential round robin match to register their first win in the Lanco International Super Series hockey tournament in Australia on 24th Nov 2012. India were by far the dominant side on display in the battle between the two sub-continent giants in the nine-a-side format of the game. What is the better known term for this type of hockey?
[Category: Sports Current Affairs]
[A]Hockey NINE
[B]Hockey 9s
[C]International Limited Player Hockey League
[D]Short Hockey

5. Al Nabooda Automobiles, the official dealer for Audi in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, has inaugurated the new facility that spans more than 15,000 sq metres across six levels on Nov 24, 2012. The showroom has 57 Audi vehicles on display and is the largest Audi showroom in terms of new cars on display in the world. The showroom is set to open its doors to customers on December 3, 2012. What is the name of the World's largest Audi showroom?
[Category: Business Current Affairs]
[A]Audi terminal Dubai
[B]Audi Dubai
[C]Audi World
[D]Audi Show Terminal