Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Daily GK Quiz: 31 October 2012

1. What is the rate at which the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) borrows money from commercial banks?
[A]Cash reserve Ratio (CRR)
[B]Reverse Repo rate
[C]Repo rate
[D]Discount Rate

2. Who is the current MD and CEO of Axis Bank Ltd?
[A]Shikha Sharma
[B]Chanda Kochhar
[C]Adarsh Kishore
[D]Som Mittal

3. The Hornby Vellard was a project to build a causeway uniting seven islands into a single island with a deep natural harbour. The project was started by the governor William Hornby in 1782 and all islands were linked by 1838. To which city is this project associated with?

4. Who wrote the novel "The Fourth Estate"?
[A]Paulo Coehlo
[B]Vikram Seth
[C]Jeffrey Archer
[D]Sidney Sheldon

5. What is the current name of the city "Prayag"?

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