Saturday, October 6, 2012

Daily GK Quiz: 06 October 2012

1. From which province/state Babur entered India for the first time from the west?

2. Which was the first among the following?
[A]Subsidiary Alliance
[B]Double Government
[C]Doctrine of Lapse
[D]Permanent Settlement

3. Which of the following can be associated with the name of Lord Cornwallis?
[A]Maratha wars
[B]Permanent settlement
[C]Dual government
[D]System of subsidiary

4. Which of the following pairs is correct?
[A]Banabhatta - Harshvardhan
[B]Kalidasa - Samudragupta
[C]Ashvaghosa - Vikramaditya
[D]Harisena - Kanishka

5. Communal electorate in India was introduced through which of the following acts?
[B]None of these

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