Thursday, October 11, 2012

Daily Current Affairs Quiz: 11 October 2012

1. Railways has launched online application, which is an interactive map on Google that can facilitate passengers to track movements of all trains running across the country. With this, now the railway passengers can track trains on real-time basis. This application has been conjointly developed by Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) and RailYatri team. What is the name of this new application launched by Railways on 10th October 2012?

2. Announced on 10th October 2012, two Americans shared this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry for deciphering the communication system that the human body uses to sense the outside world and send messages to cells — for example, speeding the heart when danger approaches. Who are they?
[A]Dan Shechtman and Ei-ichi Negishi
[B]Richard F. Heck and Thomas A. Steitz
[C]Roger Y. Tsien and Martin Chalfie
[D]Robert Lefkowitz and Brian Kobilka

3. A prestigious trust, chaired by Congress minister and Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid, forged signatures and stamps of senior officials of several districts in Uttar Pradesh depriving physically challenged people of their due, is revealed in an investigation Operation Dhritrashtra done by a television channel, Aaj Tak. What is the name of the trust under scanner?
[A]Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust
[B]Maulana Azad Memorial Trust
[C]Jamia Millia Memorial Trust
[D]Fakhruddin Ali Memorial Trust

4. Auto major Mercedes Benz India on Wednesday, 10th October 2012, announced the opening of operations of their new state of the art paint shop as well as rolling out the first locally assembled M-Class at the facility. Mercedes-Benz India Managing Director and CEO Peter Honegg said in a statement that the M-Class 250 CDI is the first M-Class ever to be offered from a local production outside Mercedes-Benz's SUV plant in Tuscaloosa, USA. India becomes the 'first' market in the world to enjoy this elite status. Where is the Mercedes facility in India?

5. Standard & Poor's on Wednesday cut Spain's sovereign credit rating by two notches, citing a deepening economic recession that is limiting the government's policy options to arrest the slide. The downgrade comes with a negative outlook reflecting the firm's view that there are significant risks to economic growth and budgetary performance, plus a lack of a clear direction in euro zone policies. The current rating is just on the cusp of junk status. What is the S&P's current rating for Spain?
[B]BBB+ plus
[C]BBB- minus

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