Friday, October 12, 2012

Business Management Quiz - 87

1. Which of the following is/are inference(s) drawn from the Ohio State studies?
I. The dimension ‘initiating structure’ is similar to the job centered leader behavior identified by Iowa studies.
II. The dimension ‘consideration’ emphasizes people related issues.
III. Ohio State studies consider initiating structure and consideration as the two ends of the same continuum.
IV. The two-dimensional approach led to the probability that a leader might place emphasis on both task and people related issues.
[A]Only (IV) above
[B]Both (I) and (II) above
[C]Both (III) and (IV) above
[D](I), (II) and (IV) above

2. Assigning workers additional tasks on the same level, which increases the number of tasks they have to do, is known as
[A]Job enrichment
[B]Job enlargement
[C]Job rotation
[D]Vertical job loading

3. Force(s)/trait(s) within the manager that determine(s) effective leadership behavior include(s) his/her
I. Values.
II. Confidence in subordinates.
III. Hunger for power.
IV. Aggressiveness.
[A]Only (I) above
[B]Both (I) and (II) above
[C]Both (III) and (IV) above
[D](I), (II) and (IV) above

4. Which of the following information systems use events as inputs and gives outputs in the forms of detailed reports and lists?
[A]Transaction processing system
[B]Office automation system
[C]Decision support system
[D]Executive support system

5. Raj, Rahul, Ramesh and Rohit all wanted to start their own business after they graduated with their Bachelor of Science degrees. They had a common purpose, they had set performance standards for themselves and they had an approach to hold themselves mutually accountable. They can be referred to as a

6. A team consists of a set of people working together towards a common purpose. In an organization, there can be different types of teams. A work team comprised of experts from various specialties is most accurately referred to as
[A]A functional team
[B]A cross-functional team
[C]An informal group
[D]A self-managed team

7. Blake and Mouton used the Managerial Grid as a framework to help managers learn what their leadership style is and to track their movement toward the ideal management style. According to them, the most effective leadership style is
[A]Country club management style
[B]Team management style
[C]Impoverished management style
[D]Authority obedience management style

8. The process of determining the tasks that make up a job and the skills, abilities and responsibilities an employee needs to accomplish that job is known as
[A]Job description
[B]Job analysis
[C]Skills inventory
[D]Job specification

9. Andrew Carnegie said, "As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do." He was suggesting the importance of
[A]Face-to-face verbal communication
[B]Non-verbal communication
[C]Cross-cultural communication
[D]Upward communication

10. Which of the following statements about assessment development centers is/are true?
I. It comprises appraisal of an employee by a high powered panel.
II. Evaluation is subjective.
III. It identifies internal employees having the potential to carry the business forward.
IV. Though this process senior management talent is identified and nurtured so that they can train junior employees.
[A]Only (I) above
[B]Both (I) and (III) above
[C]Both (II) and (IV) above
[D](II), (III) and (IV) above

11. Which of the following is an approach to systematic job analysis?
[A]Job design
[B]Job enlargement
[C]Position analysis questionnaire
[D]Job description analysis

12. In internal recruitment a disadvantage is that when an employee is promoted to another job, it becomes essential to find someone to fill his/her position in the organization. This is referred to as
[A]Ripple effect
[B]Domino effect
[C]Replacement planning

13. Debt management ratio shows
[A]Excess of current assets over current liabilities
[B]Number of times the value of fixed assets covers the amount of loan
[C]What percentage of the organization’s assets is financed by creditors
[D]Effective utilization of assets

14. When a junior employee responds to his manager after interpreting the message received from the manager and simultaneously ensures that he understands the message correctly, which element of the communication process is in play?
[A]Selective perception

15. Which of the following statements is/are true about Douglas McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y?
I. Theory Y assumes that above all people want security.
II. Theory X assumes that people have little ambition.
III. Theory X assumes that the complete utilization of the intellectual potential of the average person does not take place under the conditions of modern industrial life.
IV. Theory Y assumes that commitment towards achievement of goals is proportionate to the size of rewards attained.
[A]Only (IV) above
[B]Both (I) and (III) above
[C]Both (II) and (IV) above
[D](II), (III) and (IV) above

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