Thursday, September 6, 2012

Vocabulary Quiz - 179 (Word List for International Tests)

1. Luxuriant
[A]Plump; Vigorous; Jolly
[B]Suffering From Ingestion; Irritable
[C]Fertile; Abundant; Ornate
[D]Lack Of Consistency; Difference

2. Mammal
[A]Dark; Vague; Unclear
[B]A Vertebrate Animal Whose Female Suckles Its Young
[C]Punish By Placing In A Wooden Frame And Subjecting To Ridicule
[D]Plants Of A Region Or Era

3. Materialism
[A]Pretend; Conceal By Feigning
[B]Maker And Seller Of Eyeglasses
[C]Preoccupation With Physical Comforts And Things
[D]Excess; Overabundance

4. Merger
[B]Destroy Leaves
[C]Combination (Of Two Business Corporations)
[D]Flat Cake Made Of Cornmeal, Etc.

5. Minuscule
[A]Move Briskly
[B]Extremely Small
[C]Mildness; Permissiveness
[D]Positive Assertion; Confirmation; Solemn Pledge By One Who Refuses To Take An Oath

6. Mitigate
[A]Burning; Sarcastically Biting
[B]Shrill, Trumpetlike Sound
[C]Laying Stress On Niceties Of Conduct, Form; Precise

7. Moor
[A]Fear; Trembling Agitation
[B]Marshy Wasteland
[D]Plunge Into Water; Drench; Extinguish

8. Musty
[A]Ward Off A Blow
[B]Maker And Seller Of Eyeglasses
[C]Unclear Or Doubtful In Meaning
[D]Stale; Spoiled By Age

9. Neophyte
[A]Crush; Subdue; Inhibit
[B]Highly Ornate
[C]Recent Convert; Beginner

10. Nullify
[A]Operate With Hands
[B]To Make Invalid

11. Obsession
[A]Squirm; Twist
[B]Half Asleep
[C]Expedient; Prudent; Well Devised
[D]Fixed Idea; Continued Brooding

12. Onus
[A]Transparent; Limpid; Easy To Understand
[B]Brawl; Melee
[C]Burden; Responsibility
[D]Coolness In A Trying Situation

13. Oscillate
[B]Revenging Agent
[C]Vibrate Pendulumlike; Weaver
[D]Whimsical; Visionary

14. Panegyric
[B]Formal Praise
[C]Study Of Fish
[D]Beer Mug

15. Paroxysm
[A]Approach And Speak First To A Person
[B]Fit Or Attack Of Pain, Laughter, Rage
[C]Study Of Birds
[D]Cunning; Artful

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