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Friday, September 7, 2012

Learn English with vocabulary word Quiz - 180

1. Pedestrian
[B]Slightly Sour; Sharp, Caustic
[C]Lounge About
[D]Ordinary, Unimaginative

2. Peripatetic
[B]Walking About; Moving
[C]Stir Up; Disturb
[D]Vary; Go In Different Directions From The Same Point

3. Pessimism
[A]Vary; Go In Different Directions From The Same Point
[B]Based On Experience
[C]Deliver; Provide; Represent
[D]Belief That Life Is Basically Bad And Evil; Gloominess

4. Pithy
[A]Place Where A River Can Be Crossed On Foot
[B]A Student Of The History And Science Of Mankind
[C]Instruct; Correct Morally
[D]Concise; Meaty

5. Polarize
[B]Irritate; Fester
[C]Pertaining To The Pharisees, Who Paid Scrupulous Attention To The Tradition; Self-Righteous; Hypocritical
[D]Split Into Opposite Extremes Or Camps

6. Precarious
[A]Mongrel; Mixed Breed
[C]Uncertain; Risky

7. Protean
[A]Slender Tower Attached To A Mosque
[B]Hindrance; Stumbling Block
[C]Versatile; Able To Take Many Shapes
[D]Rebellion; Uprising

8. Puerile
[A]Spiteful; Irritable; Peevish
[B]Kingdom; Sphere
[C]Period Of Equal Days And Nights

9. Quack
[A]Kill, Usually One Out Of Ten
[B]Pertaining To The Moon
[C]Pertaining To The Art Of Delineating; Vividly Described
[D]Charlatan; Impostor

10. Quorum
[A]Final; Compete
[B]Discharge; Give Forth
[C]Number Of Members Necessary To Conduct A Meeting
[D]Wanton; Profane

11. Rationalize
[B]Frugality; Thrift; Agriculture
[C]Hater Of Women
[D]Reason; Justify An Improper Act

12. Recreant
[A]A Person Concerned With The Interrelationship Between Living Organisms And Their Environment
[C]Support; Prop Up
[D]Coward; Betrayed Of Faith

13. Regimen
[A]Interested In Money Or Gain
[C]Rubbing Away; Tending To Grind Down
[D]Prescribed Diet And Habits

14. Repertoire
[A]Mock; Ridicule
[C]Sneer; Like Cobwebs
[D]List Of Works Of Music, Drama, Etc., A Performer Is Prepared To Present

15. Resigned
[A]Pastoral Song
[B]Unresisting; Patiently Submissive
[C]Particular Variety Of Art And Culture
[D]Enclosure For Birds