Monday, September 3, 2012

Improve English through Vocabulary Quiz - 178

1. Hypercritical
[A]Commonplace; Dull
[B]Excessively Exacting
[C]Gracious; Heartfelt
[D]Express Disapproval Of; Protest Against; Belittle

2. Imminent
[A]Shaky; Infirm From Old Age
[B]Laughable; Trifling
[C]Picture Writing
[D]Impeding; Near At Hand

3. Implausible
[A]Rude; Clownish
[B]Scold Strongly
[D]Unlikely; Unbelievable

4. Inane
[A]Rude; Clownish
[C]To Speak Or Write In An Exaggerately Enthusiastic Matter
[D]Silly; Senseless

5. Inclusive
[A]Affectedly Dainty
[B]Delightful; Delicious
[D]Tending To Include All

6. Indicative
[A]Loosely Connected
[B]Living Language; Natural Style
[D]Suggestive; Implying

7. Infallible
[A]Strip; Deprive

8. Innate
[A]Relating To Space
[B]Sound In Judgment; Wise

9. Intangible
[A]Wrong Name; Incorrect Designation
[B]Father And Ruler Of A Family Or Tribe
[C]Muscular Strength; Sturdiness
[D]Not Material; Not Able To Be Perceived By Touch

10. Inured
[A]Pertaining To The Pharisees, Who Paid Scrupulous Attention To The Tradition; Self-Righteous; Hypocritical
[B]Ineffective; Fruitless
[C]Accustomed; Hardened
[D]Quantity Of Motion Of A Moving Body; Impetus

11. Irreverence
[A]Act Of Making A Conscious Choice
[B]Summary; Concise Abstract
[C]Lack Of Proper Aspect
[D]Come About By Addition

12. Ken
[A]Inclination; Bias
[B]Purging Or Cleansing Away Any Passage Of The Body
[C]Reclining; Lying Down Completely Or In Part
[D]Range Of Knowledge

13. Lament
[A]Border Upon; Adjoin
[C]Grieve; Express Sorrow

14. Leonine
[B]Learned; Scholarly
[C]Like A Lion
[D]Pertaining To The Aurora Borealis

15. Litany
[A]Capable Of Being Repaired
[B]Supplicatory Prayer
[C]High, Flat-Topped Hill

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