Monday, September 24, 2012

Daily GK Quiz: 24 September 2012

1. The Durand Tournament was started by then, India's Foreign Secretary, Mortimer Durand at Simla, India, in 1888. The initial matches were played in Dagshai. It was basically initiated, as a recreation for British troops stationed in India. Since India's independence in 1947, the tournament is hosted by the army. With which sport this tournament (Durand Cup) is asscoiated with?
[B]Lawn Tennis

2. When was International Monetary Fund (IMF) came into existence?

3. During World War II, in which year did Germany attack France?

4. Which award is considered as the highest literary award of the world?
[A]Booker Prize
[B]Magsaysay Award
[C]Nobel Prize
[D]Pulitzer Prize

5. As on 24th September 2012, who is the current chief justice of India?
[A]K. G. Balakrishnan
[B]S. H. Kapadia
[C]Yogesh Kumar Sabharwal
[D]Ramesh Chandra Lahoti

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