Monday, August 27, 2012

Test your English vocabulary (Quiz - 175)

1. Beatitude
[B]Blessedness; State Of Bliss
[C]Unutterable; Cannot Be Expressed In Speech

2. Bequeath
[A]Consider; Ponder
[B]Dig Out Of The Ground; Remove From A Grave
[C]Mouthlike Opening; Small Opening
[D]Leave To Someone By A Will; Hand Down

3. Bland
[A]Raised Platform For Guests Of Honor
[B]Very Small Object Or Creature; Small Coin
[C]Soothing; Mild, Dull
[D]Guarantee; Assurance By Seller

4. Breach
[B]Drifting Wreckage
[D]Breaking Of Contract Or Duty; Fissure; Gap

5. Burlesque
[A]Bravely; With Spirit
[B]Give An Imitation That Ridicules
[C]Annoy; Chafe
[D]Move Faster

6. Canto
[A]Cut The Top Off
[B]A Thing That Completes Another; Things Very Much Alike
[C]Division Of A Long Poem
[D]Belief That Life Is Basically Bad And Evil; Gloominess

7. Casualty
[A]Lacking Self-Restraint; Licentious
[C]Serious Or Fatal Accident
[D]Dejected; Dispirited

8. Cerebral
[A]Nominal Holding Of Title Without Obligations
[B]Pertaining To The Brain Or Intellect
[C]Throw Overboard
[D]Make Amends For (A Sin)

9. Chattel
[A]Existence; Means Of Support; Livelihood
[B]Personal Property
[C]Dormant; Hidden
[D]Able To Walk

10. Clangor
[A]Tube In Which Patterns Made By The Reflection In Mirrors Of Colored Pieces Of Glass, Etc. Produce Interesting Symmetrical Effects
[B]Stinging; Caustic
[C]Bitterness Of Speech And Temper
[D]Loud, Resounding Noise

11. Cognitive
[A]Vigorous; Strong
[B]Having To Do With Knowing Or Perceiving
[C]Coiled Around
[D]Light-Hearted; Dizzy

12. Consequential
[A]Strict Disciplinarian
[B]Hardened; Unfeeling
[C]Circular Building Or Hall Covered With A Dome
[D]Pompous; Important; Self-Important

13. Contrite
[A]Travel; Journey
[C]Stubborn Maintenance Of A Wrong Cause
[D]Flagrant; Consciously Obvious; Loudly Offensive

14. Corpulent
[A]Expert At
[C]Wonder Aimlessly (Physically Or Mentally)
[D]Very Fat

15. Crevice
[A]Pass Through; Spread
[B]Goodness; Moral Excellence; Good Quality
[C]Support; Prop Up
[D]Crack; Fissure

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