Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Improve Your English Vocabulary ( Vocab Quiz - 176)

1. Dally
[B]Isolation; Solitude
[C]Ornate; Highly Decorated
[D]Trifle With; Procrastinate

2. Decipher
[A]Vigorously Active; Nimble
[B]Interpret Secret Code
[C]Mysterious; Puzzling; Secret
[D]Split Asunder

3. Degenerate
[A]Courteous Regard For Another'S Wish
[B]In Buddhist Teachings, The Ideal State In Which The Individual Loses Himself In The Attainment Of Impersonal Beatitude
[C]Become Worse; Deteriorate
[D]Acting Without Dialogue

4. Denigrate
[A]Failure To Do
[B]Irreverence; Wickedness

5. Despise
[A]Raise In Rank Or Dignity; Praise
[B]Weaken; Mitigate
[C]Concerning The Sense Of Smell

6. Diaphanous
[A]Marked By Formality
[B]Sheer; Transparent
[C]To Make Invalid
[D]Varying Form Of An Element

7. Disclose
[A]Commotion; Riot; Noise
[B]Room To Move; Margin
[D]Revenging Agent

8. Dismiss
[A]Expressiveness; Persuasive Speech
[B]Wild Tumult
[C]Put Away From Consideration; Reject
[D]Quick, Sharp Reply

9. Distrait
[A]Lack Of Proper Aspect

10. Domicile
[A]Combining Parts Into A Whole
[B]Divine Gift; Great Popular Charm Or Appeal Of A Political Leader
[C]Gloomy; Hellish; Deathly

11. Ebb
[A]Artificial; Resulting From Synthesis
[B]Recede; Lessen
[C]Ragged Fellow
[D]Yielding; Timid

12. Ejaculation
[A]Cliff; Dangerous Position
[C]Providing A General Overview; Summary
[D]Large Group

13. Emend
[A]Small Allowance Or Wage
[C]Settle Down; Descend; Grow Quiet
[D]Correct; Correct By A Critic

14. Ennui
[A]Attainment Of Highest Point
[C]Pertaining To The Art Of Removing Metals From Ores

15. Epilogue
[A]Like An Emperor; Related To An Empire
[B]Short Speech At Conclusion Of Dramatic Work
[C]Temporary Invasion

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